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Badlands are from Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. The Heavy Hands lads came across the video below from their first show, thought it was ace and sorted this split out with them, which ourselves and Thanks for Nothing Records pressed on limited cassette tape.

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Bays were the first band we started work with as Pinky Swear Records and it was an enjoyable time.
I'd known members of the band since school, watched them progress through other local bands before starting Bays and followed them until eventually releasing "Immovable" on 7" vinyl early 2011.

Hailing from Manchester, they were one of the most promising upcoming UK hardcore bands for the two years they were at it before splitting in September 2011, having their last show at Outbreak Festival.

We couldn't have asked for a better band to kick us off as a label.

Check out their new band Survival, featuring Tom and Ross:

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Conviction are from High Wycombe, who's music fuses 80’s Metal and Thrash mixed with 90’s hardcore. The band have played alongside bands such as Burning Love, Kills and Thrills, Broken Teeth, Special Move, Bays, Hang The Bastard, The Rivercard, Abolition, Breaking Point and more.

We released their split with Speak Up as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.
The band split in April 2012 due to line up issues.

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Eisberg are not just the modern day hardcore band with generic riffs and tough guy attitude but a band with an incredible story as to how they were formed and a band that actually screams a message.

Three of the band members, one from the UK and two from Luxembourg met hanging out in a car park at Pressure Fest, Germany 2009. Having stayed in contact they decided to travel to Have Heart's last show in Boston, Massachusetts. Having been so inspired by the band they decided to embark on what has been a crazy journey so far and formed after the show.

Rumoured to have only practised together on Skype the band recorded their demo/EP mid 2010 at Above All Studios in Margate, Kent and have not looked back since having played all over Europe and the UK already and continuing to do so.

Eisberg's self titled EP is in your face putting down the unfaithful straight edge kids to dealing with near death experiences within a family and just in general getting along and keeping the hardcore scene alive and well.

We were lucky enough to put out a tape pressing of the 7" EP put out by Holy Roar Records for the bands' UK/EU tour with USA's Incendiary.

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Fine Young Firecrackers

Fine Young Firecrackers are one of the UK's best kept secrets. Coming from Liverpool, they write some of the best pop punk tunes you'll hear, with sheer catchyness throughout.
With influences from the Drive-Thru era, they toured the UK many a time, playing with big acts such as Enter Shikari, The Blackout, Me Vs Hero, Paige, Canterbury, The Hype Theory and more.

We released their EP "From The Ground Up" as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.

The band unfortunately split in mid 2012 shortly after their tour with the USA's Think Big! Their members have gone on to form bands Pedastals and Outgrown.

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Hearts & Souls

Hearts & Souls are a local upcoming band in Leeds, basically a super group formed from the best of previous local talent, featuring Conor, co-owner of Pinky Swear Records on drums.

The band combines soaring delayed guitars and driving bass lines with soft melodic vocals they create a mix of alternative rock with pop sensibilities, whilst sustaining a raw live edge.

So far we've released their debut single "There's Something About Francis" on cassette over 4 colourways; and 2nd single "We Were All Lost" again on cassette, which was part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.

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Heavy Hands

Heavy Hands are one of the many fantastic bands rising out of the Central Scotland hardcore scene. We've currently put out two releases for them, the self titled 7" and split cassette tape with Badlands, both collaborated with Thanks For Nothing Records

The band have had a solid year, touring with Desolated, Malevolence, Grader and Hardships. along with playing alongside Madball, More Than Life, Daylight, TRC, Heights, Nasty, Departures Broken Teeth and By My Hands, along as playing Ghostfest in Leeds to great success.

2013 seems likely to be a solid year for the band.

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Isolated are a bunch of bros from St Albans. I met these dudes on the Bays Euro Tour in April 2011 as they were playing all the dates with us, and they were bloody fantastic. I was hooked on the demo from the first listen so offered to put it out.

We released their demo as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.

They play well structured melodic hardcore, with their newer material for their forthcoming 7" taking a harder riffed and moshier edge.

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Jimmy Holland

When we first saw Jimmy play, we loved him straight away. Simply put, he performs the most infectious, uplifting and refreshing acoustic folk punk and we wanted to share it with the world. Since I first saw him, he's gone on to play with artists such as The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Transit, A Loss For Words, Our Time Down Here, Koji, Into It. Over It, Starters, Sam Duckworth, Shane Henderson, Kevin Devine as well as slots at Slam Dunk Festival North + South in 2011.

We released his self titled EP as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011, and work is currently underway for his next EP, coming out soon.

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Landlocked are a thrash hardcore band from Missouri, USA; and are our first international band.
They first came over here to tour with Bays, and they had a split released with Bays in the States.
We had the pleasure of putting out their new EP "Erudition" for their return to our shores in December 2011 for a set of shows with The River Card and to collaborate with our Summer Tape Series 2011.

The writing style for "Erudition" is a novel attempt to shed light on a pervasive issue in the current hardcore scene: a severe lack of attention given to the value of intellectual pursuits. The EP, is a commentary on the misguided nature of many recent hardcore releases, which focus on over-saturated themes such as brotherhood, violence, and generic principles of machismo. Rather than direct lyrical commentary on this issue, each song on "Erudition" is comprised of memorable quotes from some of the band's favorite authors. Within the lyrics, one can find genuine inspiration from literary geniuses. Reading between these lines, one will discover Landlocked's perspective on the value of hardcore music inspired by intellectualism.

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Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest is Ben Thompson (guitar/vox) and Lewis Currie (drums), a 2-piece emo band from Sheffield, UK; formed originally as a 3-piece in February 2011, but turned into a duo at around December 2011. The band’s sound (for fans of bands such as Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, American Football, Cap n' Jazz and Grown Ups) could be described as ‘noodley emo’ but with more depth and substance.

The EP, “Feeling Better” is the band’s first 7” release, after a series of previous releases (“Ceiling Summer” EP, “Far Away Friends” 4-way split with Manbearpig, Cavaclades & This World is Hollow and the “Split” tape with Papayer); and was collaboratively put out via ourselves in England, along with our friends Struggletown Records in Scotland and A Mountain Far in Canada.
It was recorded by Tommi Nichols (of We’ll Die Smiling fame) in true DIY fashion in Ben’s bedroom and Lew’s basement.

Their music is packed full of catchy riffs, singalongs and heavy hitting drums, with lyrics that really confess the last year for both Ben & Lew. This record contains a lot of emotion, honesty and hopefully something that will stick with you; well as making you smile and bob your head really hard.

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Neck Deep

After seeing their videos, I knew this band was the pop punk band the UK needed to get back on track with the genre. They write honest fast raw pop punk, the way it should be.

For their first ever shows and tour, coming up in December 2012 with Me Vs Hero and With The Punches, the band wanted to work with us for a limited run of cassette tapes for the EP "Rain In July," along with having a 12" pressed with our friends Hang Tight Records, and having a US pressing done via We Are Triumphant.

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Next Stop Atlanta

Next Stop Atlanta hail from Preston, England. A young, four piece pop punk/rock band with ambition, desire and drive that is second to none.
Having launched themselves in February 2010, the band have worked endlessly to ensure their profile rises steadily whilst causing ripples in the waves of the UK underground scene.
With a solid debut EP already under their belt, and the new mini-album having just been released, it shows an expansion on what the band had already proven, and the four close friends don't look to stop growing anytime soon.

We released the EP "The Things You Do Best" on limited cassette tape.

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Our Time Down Here

We released our friends Our Time Down Here's new album "Midnight Mass" exclusively on cassette tape for Record Store Day in 2012. We sold out 2 pressings super fast which ruled!
We first saw the band play when they toured with another band we love and adore, A Loss For Words, and they were brilliant. I was already into their album "Live, Love, Let Go" at the time and seeing them live was ace!
Now the progression from that album to this album, via the "Last Light" EP is radical, but it hasn't spoilt them at all.
The "Midnight Mass" album has been gaining solid reviews everywhere since Take Flight Records put the CD varient out in March 2012.

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Speak Up

Speak Up formed with members of Silvertown and Stay Home, and are one of the few bands helping the Huddersfield scene rise to a competitive state. Old school as fuck, 90's style jams. Fast, aggressive, hard.
Our pals Struggletown Records in Glasgow put out the full demo on tape.
We released their split with Conviction as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.

The band played their last show at this years Outbreak Festival at The Well in Leeds, September 2012.

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Stay Home

Stay Home formed as a side project from 4 different bands based in Huddersfield, since then, 2 of those bands split up, one quit the band and the other one is Speak Up, who rule. Knowing that they would be splitting up after 7 months together, they wrote and played shows as much as they could and wrote this killer demo, gaining worthy exposure in the time.

The band play 90's emo influenced pop-punk in the vein of Title Fight, Balance And Composure and Daylight.
In their 7 months of existence, they played with : Title Fight, Daylight, Such Gold, Starters, Koji, Basement and a bunch more.

We released their demo as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.

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The River Card

The River Card are one of the UK's most under rated hardcore bands.
Originating from Stoke, they've relentlessly toured worldwide since forming, playing with some of the biggest and best in hardcore, and writing a solid back catalogue to match. We decided to help them promote their latest full length "Momentum" by pressing a limited cassette tape for their UK tour with Backtrack and Broken Teeth in April 2012.

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Up River

Up River are a melodic hardcore band from Brighton/Midlands.
When we first heard this demo, it hit us straight away and we were hooked and were more than happy to release it.

We released their demo as part of our Summer Tape Series 2011.
Shortly after our release, the band were snapped up by Anchors Aweigh Records for a 7" release, which is solid.

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Your Demise

After completing their 3 album deal with Visible Noise, YD are now independent and free to do as they please. They approached us asking us to be involved with their brand new EP due early 2013 for a limited 7" vinyl pressing.

The band will return to Outhouse Studios, Reading in December with producer John Mitchell (the man behind YD’s previous albums Ignorance Never Dies and The Kids We Used To Be..., and who also mixed The Golden Age) to record it.

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