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Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest is Ben Thompson (guitar/vox) and Lewis Currie (drums), a 2-piece emo band from Sheffield, UK; formed originally as a 3-piece in February 2011, but turned into a duo at around December 2011. The band’s sound (for fans of bands such as Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, American Football, Cap n' Jazz and Grown Ups) could be described as ‘noodley emo’ but with more depth and substance.

The EP, “Feeling Better” is the band’s first 7” release, after a series of previous releases (“Ceiling Summer” EP, “Far Away Friends” 4-way split with Manbearpig, Cavaclades & This World is Hollow and the “Split” tape with Papayer); and was collaboratively put out via ourselves in England, along with our friends Struggletown Records in Scotland and A Mountain Far in Canada.
It was recorded by Tommi Nichols (of We’ll Die Smiling fame) in true DIY fashion in Ben’s bedroom and Lew’s basement.

Their music is packed full of catchy riffs, singalongs and heavy hitting drums, with lyrics that really confess the last year for both Ben & Lew. This record contains a lot of emotion, honesty and hopefully something that will stick with you; well as making you smile and bob your head really hard.