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Brutality Will Prevail - Scatter The Ashes - Cassette Tape

18/03/2013 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-049

Pressing Information
- 30 yellow
- 70 black
- 100 clear red

- 40 clear green
- 60 blue
- 100 pink

Recorded at Studio 6 in Swindon with Stu McKay, and mastered in New York by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan), SCATTER THE ASHES marks BWP’s finest hour. Drawing influence from doom, sludge and metallic hardcore, the BWP assault is one like no other: as visceral as it is accessible, the quintet effortlessly blend snarling riffs and devastating grooves with Ajay Jones’ unique but distinctly memorable vocal hooks to create an gloriously grim wall of sound, crushingly heavy and anthemic in equal measure.

As a mouth-watering taste of this explosive new opus, BWP unleashed first single The Path as a free digital download in August 2012 and promptly drove their loyal fanbase to boiling point, picking up support from Radio 1‘s Dan Carter and Jen Long in the process, despite its uncompromising heaviness. Meanwhile, the single was playlisted at Kerrang Radio, and its accompanying video racked up a playcount in the tens of thousands.

In the build-up to the album’s release, BWP toured the UK in October 2012 with those “Keepers Of The Faith”, hardcore legends Terror, the pairing having already spent the summer laying waste to the European club and festival circuit.

Prepare yourselves for this next chapter in Brutality Will Prevail’s history; the underground is theirs, now they’re coming for the rest.

Neck Deep - Rain In July / A History Of Bad Decisions 12" + Shirt

19/02/2013 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-047/048

Pressing Information
- 20 Test Presses
- 50 Workaholics shirts
- 150 Orange
- 350 Green / Yellow swirl

First two EPs by upcoming British Pop Punk lads Neck Deep, 1 EP per side with double sided artwork and reversible labels and colourways to match.

Barschool 101 - Skool Of Hard Drinkz

30/06/2013 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-046

Pressing Information
- 40 clear

To mark their UK live debut at Ghostfest in June, we decided to do a short run of tapes the Your Demise side project for their show from their demo EP originally released for free download in 2011.
Expect Ozzy Porkchop running around shirtless and probably knocking his front tooth out.

Isolated - Separate Ways Together - Cassette Tape

18/03/2013 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-045

Pressing Information
- 20 baby pink
- 80 pale green

Here's the tape release for the brand new Isolated EP, their first material since 2011's killer self titled demo.

'Separate Ways Together’ proves that the UK Melodic Hardcore scene is far from exhausted and is in many ways still a formidable competitor to a US scene... What Isolated achieve with this release will be completely upto them, it has all the workings of another masterpiece" - Another Youth

Nai Harvest - "Whatever" - 12" + Shirt

22/03/2013 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-043/044

Pressing Information
- 10 Test Presses
- 50 Preorder covers
- 50 PSR x NH shirts
- 150 Pink / Yellow swirl
- 350 Blue / Yellow splatter

- 100 pink
- 200 tricolour

We have collaborated with Dog Knights Productions to bring you this rather stunning looking vinyl for Nai Harvest. The first pressing of 500 sold out already, so we've done another 300 to go with their summer UK/EU tour with You'll Live. We have just 50 online!!!

Nai Harvest are a two piece emo/punk band from Sheffield, England. Ben Thompson & Lew Currie have been busy the past 18 months releasing their now sold out 7” ‘Feeling Better’, three splits and touring the UK up and down as well as mainland Europe.

'Whatever' is Nai Harvest’s first full length release, featuring 10 tracks, moving towards a bigger sound and a change in tone. Still fast and fun like their previous material but with heavier guitar tones laced with reverb, some slower grungier phrases and overall more well-structured songs. This record is a lot less ‘fiddly’ and packs a lot more of a punch. Clearly influenced by 90’s acts like Cap ‘n Jazz and The Get Up Kids, but ‘Whatever’ has it’s own unmistakable ‘Nai Harvest sound’ that the band have carefully crafted over the last 2 years. Thick guitar lines, huge twiddly riffs, catchy vocals (more mellow and melodic than the bands older sound), courageous drum fills all held together by steady solid beats.

Your Demise - Cold Chillin' 7" + Shirt

07/02/2013 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-041/042

Pressing Information
- 20 test presses
- 50 YD x PSR shirts
- 150 green w/ grey splatter on a limited edition handnumbered artwork different to the standard artwork
- 350 transparent red handnumbered on the standard artwork

- 50 Record Store Day covers
- 50 Tie Dye YD x PSR shirts
- 100 White w/ Gold Splatter
- 150 Blue Gliter
- 250 Blue/White/Gold TriColour

This is the first 7" the band have EVER released, and marks the bands first official release since their departure from Visible Noise Records.

Musically, Cold Chillin’ boasts some of the band’s heaviest material to date, in the form of lead single ‘Karma’, alongside some lyrical home truths that go some way to addressing the pitfalls of broader success and the backlash the band encountered from certain sectors of their fanbase after 2012 single ‘These Lights’ saw them diversify their musical arsenal.
“We have written the songs we wanted to, the only way we know how,” comments guitarist Stuart Paice on the new material; “We got shit for a few songs on TGA, but we have no regrets at all - we wrote the album we wanted to, and it still features some of the hardest and heaviest material we have ever recorded; sadly that just got a little overshadowed by a vocal minority who couldn’t see past the These Lights video. We write from our hearts and for ourselves, we always have and always will, and this E.P is an expression of just that.”

Neck Deep - "Rain In July" - Cassette Tape + A4 Artwork Print

03/12/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-038/39

Pressing Information
- 50 copies
- 50 copies

- 50 dark blue 'Tour Dog Edition'
- 50 light blue

Neck Deep are finally a band, we think, can compete with the USA for quality pop punk material. The USA has produced the better bands in this genre for years and years, with our replies falling short one way or another. This band could be the band that changes that.
Welcome, Neck Deep.

Debut EP "Rain In July" is 7 tracks long, solid from start to finish, and has been doing the rounds on the internet for a short while and picked up fans globally, which is nuts!

ALL tapes and prints come handnumbered out of 50, and the print comes authentically rubber stamped on the back too!
The prints are on 300 gsm A4 white matte board for a gorgeously smooth, matte finish.

Pinky Swear "Graffiti" Hoody [Grey/Green]

23/11/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-037

Pressing Information
- 30 shirts

With the previous black/white hoodie being sold out, and a load of requests for more, and it being cold and getting even fucking colder, we've done a limited reprint on a new colourway.
The graffiti design is by Scott Hooper of Heavy Hands, with the same ol' logo on the front breast.

Printed on standard Gildan hoodies that you all know and love by our mates at Fullforce Screenprinting.

Pinky Swear Records x Every Thug Needs A Tie Dye - Tshirt

10/09/2012 · Pinky Swear Records / Every Thug Needs A Tie Dye · PSR-036

We've teamed up with our good buddies over at Every Thug Needs A Tye Dye to produce this stunning new take on the classic Pinky Swear T Shirt design.
These are strictly limited to 2 shirts in each sizes making in one of the rarest t shirts we've ever printed.
Each shirt is individual and completely unique in their colourway.

Pinky Swear Records - "Summer Logo 2012"- Tshirt

19/07/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-035

Pressing Information
- 30 shirts

We thought we'd release a new colour way of popular bleached series... We've seen Blue, we've seen Orange and we've seen purple. So now its time for Red! Complimented with a black breast and back print

Next Stop Atlanta - "The Things We Do Best" - Cassette Tape

09/07/2012 · Next Stop Atlanta · PSR-034

Pressing Information
- 50 copies on blue cassette

Next Stop Atlanta hail from Preston, England. A young, four piece pop punk/rock band with ambition, desire and drive that is second to none.
Having launched themselves in February 2010, the band have worked endlessly to ensure their profile rises steadily whilst causing ripples in the waves of the Uk underground scene.
With a solid debut EP already under their belt, and the new mini-album having just been released, it shows an expansion on what the band had already proven with 6 the four close friends look set to take 2012 by storm.

"‘The Things You Do Best’ is certainly a step forward for Next Stop Atlanta. They’ve used their time on the road well and has allowed them to tone their sound, with the end result being a highly promising collection of self-assured pop-punk songs, that makes a good go at givng the band it’s own identity. Whilst the typical “Paramore wannabees” remarks might be carelessly aimed at the band, ‘The Things You Do Best’ shows Next Stop Atlanta have the ability to progress and gives them more potential to be themselves. Overall it’s a big step in the right direction. 4.5/5"
- Already Heard

- 0.30
- Always With The Drama
- I'm Not Morrissey
- Get In The Van
- Perfection
- Light The Beacons

Heavy Hands / Badlands - "Split" - Cassette Tape

08/06/2012 · Pinky Swear Records / Thanks For Nothing Records · PSR-033

Pressing Information
- 20 - Woodland Camo
- 20 - Pink Camo
- 20 - Yellow/Blue split

Here's the brand new split between Glaswegian nutters Heavy Hands and new Canadian outfit Badlands.
The split features 3 brand new songs from Heavy Hands, which follows up their recently released 7"; and 3 new tracks from Badlands, their first songs to be recorded.

This release again is released via ourselves and the lovely Thanks For Nothing Records.

Heavy Hands tracks
- The Infamous 278
- All Seeing
- Never Ends

Badlands tracks
- Cracked Hands
- Vicious Cycle
- Dusk

Our Time Down Here - "Midnight Mass" - Cassette Tape

21/04/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-032

Pressing Information
- 1st pressing - 30 copies on grey
- 2nd pressing - 30 copies on jelly red

This was our cheeky release for Record Store Day 2012, our friends Our Time Down Here's new album "Midnight Mass" exclusively on cassette tape.
We first saw the band play when they toured with another band we love and adore, A Loss For Words, and they were brilliant. I was already into their album "Live, Love, Let Go" at the time and seeing them live was ace!
Now the progression from that album to this album, via the "Last Light" EP is radical, but it hasn't spoilt them at all.
The "Midnight Mass" album has been gaining solid reviews everywhere since Take Flight Records put the CD varient out in March.

"Our Time Down Here have been on the cusp of something for what seems like an age, and with any justice ‘Midnight Mass’ will see them achieve their goals."
- Big Cheese Magazine - 5/5

"‘Midnight Mass’ is another great addition to the wave of great new punk music coming through at the moment. Our Time Down Here are hardly a household name at the moment but considering they’ve delivered such a fine collection of songs in the form of ‘Midnight Mass’, we can only hope that this will soon change. If you haven’t given the band a listen yet and the sound of NOFX jamming with Edgar Allan Poe sounds good to you, get this album in your life pronto."
- Hit The Floor Magazine

"I fell in love with this record on first listen. It ticks every box to make a great punk rock record and it still sounds somewhat original...It's as if they've been hanging out with alkaline trio, listening to nothing but afi pre art of drowning and someone keeps sticking on how i spent my summer vacation every now and again because they love the choruses."
- Moving North

- 7th October 1984
- Precognition
- I'm A Hex
- Black Ice & Bad Advice
- The Death Rattle
- 4 Months
- Everything Little Thing She Does Is Tragic
- Crystal Effigy
- The Power Of Charm
- Words You'll Never Read, For A Song You'll Never Hear
- Nalgfar
- The Reckoning
- Angel Of Mercy

Nai Harvest - "Feeling Better" - 7" Vinyl

15/06/2012 · Pinky Swear Records / Struggletown Records / A Mountain Far · PSR-031

Pressing Information
- 10 test presses
- 250 copies on orange and white swirl
- The first 50 orders across the 3 labels receive a free limited NH patch

Nai Harvest is Ben Thompson (guitar/vox) and Lewis Currie (drums), a 2-piece emo band from Sheffield, UK; formed originally as a 3-piece in February 2011, but turned into a duo at around December 2011. The band’s sound (for fans of bands such as Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, American Football, Cap n' Kaz and Grown Ups) could be described as ‘noodley emo’ but with more depth and substance.

The new EP, “Feeling Better” is the band’s first 7” release, after a series of previous releases (“Ceiling Summer” EP, “Far Away Friends” 4-way split with Manbearpig, Cavaclades & This World is Hollow and the “Split” tape with Papayer); and will be collaboratively put out via ourselves in England, along with our friends Struggletown Records in Scotland and A Mountain Far in Canada.
It was recorded by Tommi Nichols (of We’ll Die Smiling fame) in true DIY fashion in Ben’s bedroom and Lew’s basement.

It features a neat 4 tracks packed full of catchy riffs, singalongs and heavy hitting drums, with lyrics that really confess the last year for both Ben & Lew. This record contains a lot of emotion, honesty and hopefully something that will stick with you; well as making you smile and bob your head really hard.

- The Bikes and the Basement
- I Might Have To
- Missing Summer
- Eric Forman

Jimmy Holland - Till My Bones Break And I'm Sick - Cassette Tape / Poster

12/12/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-029/40

Pressing Information
- 50 tapes
- 50 release show posters

Everyone's favourite solo acoustic artist is back from a brand new EP. After spending the summer in America, it's great to have him back and ready to play shows for you all again!

This EP is 5 tracks of solid work, our Leeds lad has put another smasher out and you will love it!

On My Honor / Think Big! / Fine Young Firecrackers / The Rookie League - Ticket

05/03/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-028

When the Think Big! / Fine Young Firecrackers tour was announced, we hooked up the Leeds date for a sweet show at Santiagos Bar in Leeds on Monday 26th March 2012. We then found out that On My Honor + The Rookie League needed a date and slammed the two tours together for the only combined show of the tour, and it worked a treat.

We made it a mammoth 7 band bill, with the support coming from Jimmy Holland, We Stand Victorious + Hearts & Souls.

Pinky Swear Records - "Graffiti" - Hoody

03/03/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-027

Since our T Shirts have been such a roaring success, we thought we'd give it a bit of a re shuffle, and shove it on a tasty warm Gildan Hoody. We got Heavy Hands' Scott Hooper to do us some snazzy graffiti fonts for the back print, plus the original logo as the breastprint.

The River Card - "Momentum" - Cassette Tape

18/04/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-025

Pressing Information
- 30 copies

The River Card came into 2012 with a storming new record they were self releasing on 12" vinyl. We've been into them for a good few years now, and there was a plant delay on their record before their April 2012 tour with Backtrack and Broken Teeth, so we hooked them up with these tapes for the tour.

- Pitfalls
- Ignorance Feigned
- Scratched Out
- The Great Fall
- Salvation
- Cliques
- Validity
- Momentum
- Snakes Pass
- The Conscientious Objector.

Jimmy Holland - "Badge/Live" - Tshirt

03/02/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-024

Here we have the second t shirt from your favourite Leeds acoustic singer/songwriter Jimmy Holland.
This shirt has a lovely breastprint, with a large live photo backprint along with lyrics underneath, in a lovely blue print on ash grey shirts.

After two fast selling runs of his previous shirt, and a successful first EP on cassette through us, it was about time he got some new merch before he tours the hell out of 2012, starting with a north and south run with Mikee J Reds.

Also provided with the option of adding the cassette tape with it as a bundle deal.

Eisberg - "Self Titled" - Cassette Tape

18/02/2012 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-023

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Here we have the tape version of the 7" the dudes at Holy Roar Records put out, pressed for the bands UK + European tour with Incendiary in February 2012.

Eisberg are not just the modern day hardcore band with generic riffs and tough guy attitude but a band with an incredible story as to how they were formed and a band that actually screams a message.

Three of the band members, one from the UK and two from Luxembourg met hanging out in a car park at Pressure Fest, Germany 2009. Having stayed in contact they decided to travel to Have Heart's last show in Boston, Massachusetts. Having been so inspired by the band they decided to embark on what has been a crazy journey so far and formed after the show.

Rumoured to have only practised together on Skype the band recorded their demo/EP mid 2010 at Above All Studios in Margate, Kent and have not looked back since having played all over Europe and the UK already and continuing to do so.

Eisberg's self titled EP is in your face putting down the unfaithful straight edge kids to dealing with near death experiences within a family and just in general getting along and keeping the hardcore scene alive and well.

- Fuck Each Other
- Sneak
- Salt In The Wound
- Waster
- Stick By Them
- Upside Down, You're Preaching
- Boost Your Status

Heavy Hands - "Heavy Hands" - 7" Vinyl

10/02/2012 · Pinky Swear Records / Thanks For Nothing Records · PSR-022

Pressing Information
Total of 250 pressed
- 125 - Yellow + Black [exclusive to our webstore]
- 125 - Green + White [exclusive to Thanks For Nothing Records' webstore]

- 15 - Test Presses
- 30 - Record Release show covers, handmade by Scott and Ruairidh of Heavy Hands, two designs
- 24 - Preorder exclusive covers, handmade by Lee of Pinky Swear Records and Scott of Heavy Hands

Here we have our 2nd vinyl release, Scotland's finest upcoming hardcore quintet Heavy Hands in collaboration with our scottish buddies Thanks For Nothing Records.

"Lyrically, it's built on being positive in hard times, and occasionally wanting to kick people's heads in during hard times....
Aptly-titled opener 'Step It Up' is two minutes of condensed crowd-killing, two-stepping fodder. Seriously, this is going to be one of those live songs that you'll still love even when someone is forcing their size 9 Nike down your throat at a show...
Final track 'Blue Blooded Scum' is their largest effort yet. It features By My Hands frontman Chris Myler doing his thing by pre-emptively setting up stage-crushing gang vocals everywhere Heavy Hands visit from now on"
- Basement Brain

The A-Side of the record features the 3 new EP tracks, while the B-side holds the not so old 2011 Demo tracks.

The self titled release comes in a limited vinyl format over two colourways, split across the two labels webstores

- Step It Up
- Declaration
- Blue Blooded Scum feat. Chris Myler [By My Hands]
- Concrete Roots
- Judas

Pinky Swear Records "Birthday/Halloween/Bonfire" - Tshirt

06/11/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-026

Pressing Information
- 30 shirts

We did this shirt for a combined number of reasons.
- our previous bleached shirts flew out
- it was the Pinky Swear birthday bash so we thought we'd do a new shirt
- it was around Hallowe'en / Bonfire night, so we thought we'd do a suitably weird colourway.

This aided the birth of this crazy purple hand bleached shirt with toxic green print.

Fine Young Firecrackers - "Wax Stamp" - Tshirt

15/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-021

Pressing Information
- 50 shirts

The band had this shirt done for their October 2011 tour with The Hype Theory, where they got dicked on by promoters and lost loads of money, so we put them online to try recuperate some costs.

Can be combined in a deal with the "From The Ground Up" tape.

Pinky Swear Records + Fist In The Air Records Alldayer - Ticket

12/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-020

We put this show on at The Fenton on Saturday 29th October.

We had such a ballache with the lineup with bands dropping out and such, it was a really stressful day and we lost a tonne of money.

Plus the pub downstairs was packed with drunk knobheads in fancy dress.

Up River - "Demo 2011" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-019

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Up River are a melodic hardcore band from Brighton. They have a cracking little scene going on down there right now and we were lucky enough to hear of them when we did cause they're sure to blow up as Anchors Aweigh Records have just taken them aboard for the new 7".

"It opens with the crashing riffs of Old Friends, showcasing a mix of raw passionate screams and hardcore punk, akin to bands such as Touche Amore. Around halfway, the song moves to a more epic and melodic style, a unique touch that makes you sit up and take notice. The Last Light continues their brutal assault of emotive, punk infused hardcore, and similarly to the opening track it resorts to a melodic middle section, building beautifully to heavy mosh pit-moving riffs.

The third track, A Worthless Cause, with its fast punky opening, leans more to the Comeback Kid style of hardcore. The guitars are toned down to showcase the brutal honest lyrics that fans can shout along to, fist in the air. Along with the melodic tones running through the song, it makes it more than just your average dose of hardcore punk. The last song of the demo, features gang vocals that build for a raw and brutal impact, and the demo comes crashing to a close with the passionately screamed refrain, 'Rough Ground'.

When listening to this offering from Up River, you would be forgiven for forgetting it is only a demo. Their music is filled with passion and promise, and once they tighten up even further as musicians (which will inevitably happen anyway!), a full album from them couldn't come soon enough."
- Hevy Petal (

- Old Friends
- The Last Lights
- A Worthless Cause
- Rough Ground