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Speak Up / Conviction - "Split" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-018

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Up here we have a split release between High Wycombe's Conviction and Huddersfield's Speak Up, with sweet reversable artwork!

Conviction's music fuses 80’s Metal and Thrash mixed with 90’s hardcore. The band have played alongside bands such as Burning Love, Kills and Thrills, Broken Teeth, Special Move, Bays, Hang The Bastard, The Rivercard, Abolition, Breaking Point and more and are now ready to play more shows over the UK and Europe.

Speak Up have replaced Silvertown on this split, due to them splitting up, but are formed with members of Silvertown and Stay Home, and are one of the few bands helping the Huddersfield scene rise to a competitive state. Old school as fuck, 90's style jams. Fast, aggressive, hard.

- Conviction - Down
- Conviction - Luck Lust
- Speak Up - Intro
- Speak Up - Waste Of Space

Jimmy Holland - "Jimmy Holland" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-017

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Up here we have Jimmy Holland's debut self titled EP. Over the past 12 months, this Leeds lad has gone from strength to strength, gaining all the recognition he deserves. He managed to get slots on both Slam Dunk Festival North and South in 2011, to great success; as well as playing with The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Transit, A Loss For Words, Our Time Down Here, Koji, Into It. Over It, Starters, Sam Duckworth, Kevin Devine and more.

These folk punk songs are pure fresh faced honesty about everything and anything relatable to a lad growing up; such as staying true to yourself, not settling for less than what you want, being discontent with some stuff and how some stuff rocks, your friends, how having them rocks and having them to rely on; even some politics shit, and a little love thrown in there too. With comparisons to artists such as Willy Mason, Into It. Over It, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Tom Gabel and more, this kid will worm his way into your head and he won't leave.

- Party At The End Of The World
- To Hell With It
- Old Folk Band
- Next Time (Same Again)
- Stupid

Hearts & Souls - "We Were All Lost" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-016

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

This is our second release for Leeds based Hearts & Souls, with their new 2 track single.
Hearts & Souls combine soaring delayed guitars and driving bass lines with soft melodic vocals they create a mix of alternative rock with pop sensibilities, whilst sustaining a raw live edge.

- We Were All Lost
- Think Of Me

Fine Young Firecrackers - "From The Ground Up" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-015

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Fine Young Firecrackers are one of the UK's best kept secrets. Coming from Liverpool, they write some of the best pop punk tunes you'll hear, with sheer catchyness throughout.

"The 4-song EP starts off with Sound Of Moving On, setting the scene with a short Indie-tinged riff before diving into the guts of the song. Delivering the type of vocals you'd expect to hear, the song serves as a great introduction to first-time listeners. Nostalgic is one of the many apt adjectives to describe this EP, as the second track (adequately named) We Grew Up Listening To Drive-Thru Bands also works as a description of the band's sound. Borrowing various traits from Drive-Thru's vast catalogue, such as New Found Glory, The Starting Line, and Finch, the song is an anthem for those with an unhealthy love for the label's timeless releases. The lyrics for the song itself can be portrayed as a heartfelt tribute to the legacy left behind, and the metaphorical torch carried on by today's bands. Often I believe that the selling point to a record lies in those parts you find popping into your head when you're off doing something completely different, and you feel obliged to play that song again - that's when the music really enters you. That part, for me, was the outro in Landslide, where the line these anchors won't drag us both down is repeated in such a compelling manner. Wrong Side Of Town is another upbeat track, which lyrically seems to deal with a sense of detachment and drifting away. As the song, and EP, come to an end, I find it quite easy to start over, though parts of the songs were at times somewhat difficult to tell apart from each other.

Overall, the EP is a solid record, with the kind of sound guaranteed to be appreciated by Pop Punk lovers of all sorts."

Stay Home - "Demo 2011" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-014

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Stay Home formed as a side project from 4 different bands based in Huddersfield, since then, 2 of those bands split up, one quit the band and the other one is Speak Up, who rule. Knowing that they would be splitting up after 7 months together, they wrote and played shows as much as they could and wrote this killer demo, gaining worthy exposure in the time.

The band play 90's emo influenced pop-punk in the vein of Title Fight, Balance And Composure and Daylight.
In their 7 months of existence, they played with : Title Fight, Daylight, Such Gold, Starters, Koji, Basement and a bunch more.

- Photographs
- Holly
- December

Landlocked - "Erudition" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-013

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Landlocked are a thrash hardcore band from Missouri, USA; and are our first international band.
We have the pleasure of putting out their new EP in time for their return to our shores in December with The River Card.

The new EP is a novel attempt to shed light on a pervasive issue in the current hardcore scene: a severe lack of attention given to the value of intellectual pursuits. "Erudition", the band's newest and heaviest release to date, is a commentary on the misguided nature of many recent hardcore releases, which focus on over-saturated themes such as brotherhood, violence, and generic principles of machismo. Rather than direct lyrical commentary on this issue, each song on "Erudition" is comprised of memorable quotes from some of the band's favorite authors. Within the lyrics, one can find genuine inspiration from literary geniuses. Reading between these lines, one will discover Landlocked's perspective on the value of hardcore music inspired by intellectualism.

- C. Bukowski
- E. Bellamy
- T. Robbins
- R. Bradbury

Isolated - "Demo 2011" - Cassette Tape

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-012

Pressing Information
- 100 copies

Isolated are a bunch of bros from St Albans. I met these dudes on the Bays Euro Tour in April 2011 as they were playing all the dates with us, and they were bloody fantastic. I was hooked on the demo from the first listen so offered to put it out.

"St.Albans based Isolated’s first EP has been a long time coming, managing to go to Europe and play with bands such as Bane, The Carrier and Trapped Under Ice before finally recording it.
I’ll start by saying this, the EP is a masterpiece. For a debut offering, it oozes class and songwriting prowess, comparable with the likes of Modern Life Is War et al, the melodies are beautiful and the vocals are emotional. In a genre where it’s way too easy to copy other bands and clone other sounds, Isolated have come through with something unique and well thought out. In an era where bands are choosing quantity over quality, and pushing out records almost monthly, Isolated have definitely chosen quality, the whole EP is a trip through the varying melodies, the unique riffs, intuitive drumming and heartfelt vocals of this youthful band.
The record on a whole, is an accessible, masterclass in melodic hardcore, with songs sounding like familiar classics after just one playthrough, and picking a favourite song being an impossibility.
Where Isolated stand out from the rest of the genre is how the songs sound. It’s too easy to write 5 songs that sound similar to each other with no substance, but Isolated have packed in so many obvious influences that it’s hard for their songs to sound similar, the melodies sound like sped up Morrissey riffs in places, while the vocals are reminiscent of Life Long Tragedy’s emotive style.
If i had to pick a stand out song from the EP, i’d have to go with ‘Don’t Wait up’, with an atmospheric intro, and a fast agressive structure, it jumps out at you, with slight similarities to The Carrier, it’s instrumentally amazing, and lyrically amazing (like the rest of the EP), with amazing lines like ‘I push further into a night like any other, underneath a universe I will never understand’
Overall, it’s a phenomenal debut EP, while rather short, it more than makes it up for it in obvious passion for their music and emotion."
- Another Youth (

- Isolated
- Glory Days
- Answering Back
- Don't Wait Up
- Chains

Pinky Swear Records - "Summer Tape Series" - Boxset

07/10/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-011

Pressing Information
- 30 boxes

We decided to put together a collectors package for the 8 tapes we were doing for this release into a sweet handcrafted box by the brilliant ACDSleeve. It was penned for summer, hence the name, but delays made it more of an Autumn release; ah well!

The tapes included in the box were:
- Isolated - Demo 2011
- Landlocked - Erudition
- Stay Home - Demo 2011
- Fine Young Firecrackers - From The Ground Up
- Hearts & Souls - We Were All Lost
- Jimmy Holland - Jimmy Holland
- Speak Up / Conviction - Split
- Up River - Demo 2011

The boxset sold out really fast, but we're still selling all 8 tapes together for a reduced bundle price.

Pinky Swear Records - "Pug Life" - Vest

27/08/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-010

Pressing Information
- 10 vests

Our friend Hannah Farrington loves pugs and always joked about making us a pug themed shirt, so when she actually went ahead and did it, we went ahead and printed a small amount for the laugh.

Pinky Swear Records - "Pocket Logo" - Tshirt

27/08/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-009

Pressing Information
- 30 shirts

This was the 3rd shirt we had made, using the same design on a new fresh colourway, but on a pocket shirt instead.
As we had a bit extra money for this shirt, we got it printed properly by Stu at No Rules Merch for the additional quality aspect.

Koji / Into It. Over It - Ticket

04/08/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-008

When Koji and Into It. Over It. toured their co-headliner, we put on the Leeds show.
The show was at The Fenton in Leeds on Wednesday 31st August 2011.

Supports came from Driveway, Starters, Jimmy Holland and Bad Ideas.

Pinky Swear Records - "Summer Logo" - Tshirt

14/06/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-007

Pressing Information
- 10 blue w/ orange print
- 10 orange w/ blue print

This is our 2nd ever shirt, and once again was done in true DIY fashion.
We bought the plain shirts in and Roger Bradley (ex Silvertown + Stay Home, currently of Your Move, Speak Up + Splitcase) showed us this sweet bleaching technique which kinda resembled a tie dye effect, but with a different outcome.

We hung the shirts out, blasted some music and sprayed them with bleach, then after letting them dry, hand screen printed them again. They sold out insanely fast!

Jimmy Holland - "Guitar Cases" - Tshirt

28/05/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-006

Pressing Information
- 1st print - 30 shirts
- 2nd print - 20 shirts

This is the first shirt we ever had done, featuring a real cool design by Tom Wallis.
We first had these for the Slam Dunk Festival 2011 weekend which he played on the Punktastic Acoustic Stage both days, and sold out of the first print that weekend, so we had more done for his future shows and the webstore.

Pinky Swear Records - "Logo" - Tshirt

19/05/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-005

Pressing Infomation
- 1st print - 50 shirts
- 2nd print - 30 shirts

This was our first ever tshirt we had made for the label. Our good friend Roger Bradley (ex Silvertown, Stay Home + Speak Up, currently of Your Move + Splitcase) designed our logo and the breast print, and also had access to screenprinting facilities, so we bought 50 shirts and spent two long tiring days screenprinting the shirts in true DIY fashion.

Second pressing, we had properly done for better quality.

Bays - "Immovable" - Print

18/04/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-004

Pressing Information
- 53 copies

We got our mate Joe "Deadbeat" Wilding to design us this sick print to match the 7" artwork he did, and we couldn't ask for anything better.
Photo's by Joni Andrews, Daniel Hough and Sam Wilkinson.

Printed on 300 gsm white matte board for a gorgeously smooth, matte finish.
Each one is hand numbered and authentically rubber stamped.

Pinky Swear Records - Spring 2011 - Zine

18/04/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-003

Pressing Information
- 50 copies

This was our first ever zine which is out of print.

It featured handpainted artwork from our friend Tom Brownless, along with interviews with Man Overboard + Bays, some live reviews, Pinky Swear related articles and cartoons from Apple Shampoo.

Hearts & Souls - "Sincerely Yours..." - Cassette Tape

18/04/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-002

Pressing Information:
100 varied handnumbered coloured tapes.
- 25 - Yellow
- 25 - Blue
- 25 - Purple
- 25 - Green

Hearts & Souls are a local upcoming band to us in Leeds, basically a super group formed from the best of previous local talent.

This is the first single released by the band on 100 limited handnumbered coloured tapes, with both songs on both sides so you don't have to mess around flipping the tape, handy eh? Each tape was duplicated by hand.

- There's Something About Francis (feat. Jason Andrews)
- Honest

Bays - "Immovable" - 7" Vinyl

18/04/2011 · Pinky Swear Records · PSR-001

Pressing Information
Total of 315 pressed:
- 105 - Orange w/ Black Swirl
- 210 - Black

- 15 Test Presses, handnumbered and rubber stamped
- 30 Exclusive Preorder Handmade Bundle Covers
- 15 Random Preorders include Polaroid Live Photos [each photo different]
- Approx 40 orders came wrapped in exclusive Pinky Swear Records paper

Bays were a Manchester 4 piece and were one of the most promising UK bands around before they split, to go on and form Survival.

‘Immovable’ is four tracks of aggressive chugging hardcore that brings to mind all things old school, a la Madball; with their snarling vocal delivery and super agro gang vocals, but with a healthy side portion of crunchy riffing that could appeal to fans of more thrash-edged mosh bands. With each song clocking in at no more than two-and-abit-minutes they certainly don’t fuck around, hitting hard and heavy in the best possible way.
- A Short Fanzine About Rocking

- The Jackal
- Immovable
- Reality Of Death
- Foundations Hollow

Artwork by Joe "Deadbeat" Wilding
Photo's by Joni Andrews, Daniel Hough and Sam Wilkinson