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Landlocked are a thrash hardcore band from Missouri, USA; and are our first international band.
They first came over here to tour with Bays, and they had a split released with Bays in the States.
We had the pleasure of putting out their new EP "Erudition" for their return to our shores in December 2011 for a set of shows with The River Card and to collaborate with our Summer Tape Series 2011.

The writing style for "Erudition" is a novel attempt to shed light on a pervasive issue in the current hardcore scene: a severe lack of attention given to the value of intellectual pursuits. The EP, is a commentary on the misguided nature of many recent hardcore releases, which focus on over-saturated themes such as brotherhood, violence, and generic principles of machismo. Rather than direct lyrical commentary on this issue, each song on "Erudition" is comprised of memorable quotes from some of the band's favorite authors. Within the lyrics, one can find genuine inspiration from literary geniuses. Reading between these lines, one will discover Landlocked's perspective on the value of hardcore music inspired by intellectualism.