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Your Demise - Cold Chillin' 7" [3rd Pressing] PSR-041


We've shifted 1000 copies of this so far over 2 pressings, 5 colours and a load of artwork variants to fuck with your brain, so why not go all out one last time?
100 clear w/ green splatter; 200 clear w/ red splatter (in ode to the first pressing variants)

Musically, Cold Chillin’ boasts some of the band’s heaviest material to date, in the form of lead single ‘Karma’, alongside some lyrical home truths that go some way to addressing the pitfalls of broader success and the backlash the band encountered from certain sectors of their fanbase after 2012 single ‘These Lights’ saw them diversify their musical arsenal.
“We have written the songs we wanted to, the only way we know how,” comments guitarist Stuart Paice on the new material; “We got shit for a few songs on TGA, but we have no regrets at all - we wrote the album we wanted to, and it still features some of the hardest and heaviest material we have ever recorded; sadly that just got a little overshadowed by a vocal minority who couldn’t see past the These Lights video. We write from our hearts and for ourselves, we always have and always will, and this E.P is an expression of just that.”

The tracks are called:
1. Karma
2. A Song To No-One
3. Nearly Home
4. Just Like The End

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Pressing Information

300 copies total
- 100 clear w/ green splatter
- 200 clear w/ red splatter

Artwork variants
- 15 Smashing Pumpkins rips online exclusive
- 15 Farewell covers for each show on the tour, with the city printed on the art.