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Isolated 'Separate Ways Together' cassette tapes

Here's the Isolated 'Seperate Ways Together' cassette, onsale from Friday 15th March at their release show at The Black Heart, Camden and their Euro tour.

16- Belgium, Tessenderlo @ JH Tessloo (FREE SHOW)
17- Available
18- Essen @ Südrock
19- Hamburg @ Rote Flora 
20- Berlin @ Kili
21- Stuttgart @ JuHa West
22- Leipzig @ 4 Rooms 
23- Available
24- Karlsruhe @ Halle14
25- Vienna @ Venster 99 
26- Herrenberg @ Jugendhaus
20 baby pink, 80 pale green.
Just 30 green copies will be online, Monday 18th March at 6pm, the rest are for tour.

'Separate Ways Together’ proves that the UK Melodic Hardcore scene is far from exhausted and is in many ways still a formidable competitor to a US scene... What Isolated achieve with this release will be completely upto them, it has all the workings of another masterpiece" - Another Youth

Posted on March 18th, 2013
Nai Harvest - 'Whatever' 12" preorders

We have collaborated with Dog Knights Productions to bring you this rather stunning looking vinyl.

Pressing Information:
150 pink / yellow swirl
350 blue / yellow splatter 

Exclusive to preorders, there will be 50 handnumbered alternative preorder covers, only available in the 2x12" bundle deals.
There will also be 50 shirts available in these bundles with the preorder cover design, never to be reprinted. These designs will be revealed soon.

DK also have some sick preorder covers and bundles too, so check them out.

1. Whatever
2. Floor
3. Sitcom Fade-In
4. Twin Tweaks
5. Distance, Etc.
6. Quit Mackin'
7. Washy
8. Red Letter Day On Play
9. You're Not That Boring
10. To Be There

Posted on March 18th, 2013
Neck Deep "Rain In July" / "A History of Bad Decisions" 12" + 2nd press of "Rain In July" cassette tape

The new 3 track Neck Deep EP, 'A History of Bad Decisions' is released digitally tomorrow for free via
We are however, pressing a limited vinyl pressing of that, plus the 7 tracks from 'Rain in July' on ONE 12".


We are taking over the original pressing of 'Rain In July' from Hang Tight Records who never managed to get their pressing sorted.
If you ordered that already, you will get this instead (orange colourway) and NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY EXTRA!
If this applies to you, and you have any questions, please email us at

Pressing information:
Orange - 150 copies
Green w/ yellow swirl - 350 copies

There will be a limited bundle with 50 tshirts which will never get reprinted.

We have done a second pressing of the handnumbered 'Rain in July' cassette tapes.
There will be just 50 available online tomorrow in a brand new tape colour.
The band will also have 50 'tour edition' copies in a brand new artwork colourway and tape colour just for shows.

We expect to have the tapes in the next 7 days, and the records in about 5 weeks time.

Posted on February 18th, 2013
Brand new Nai Harvest track from the new 12"

Hey everyone!

We just got the final mix for the new Nai Harvest full length, and decided to share a brand new song with you all straight away. It's the title track, called "Whatever"

So here you go, click here for their Bandcamp page to listen and download the track for "pay what you want"

Oh and here's the album art, pretty amazing eh?

Preorder dates / pressing info / everything else coming soon! Keep and eye on our Facebook for that.

Posted on January 6th, 2013
Your Demise - Cold Chillin' 7"

It features 4 brand new tracks which are called:
1. Karma
2. A Song To No-One
3. Nearly Home
4. Just Like The End

This is the same day we will be launching the video for Karma.
Here is some pressing information for you. The whole pressing it limited to just 500 copies.

- 150 green w/ grey splatter on a limited edition handnumbered artwork different to the standard artwork
- 350 transparent red handnumbered on the standard artwork 
- 50 ltd 2 x 7" + tshirt bundle
This bundle includes both colourways detailed above, plus a tshirt limited to just 50 featuring art from the limited 7" cover in a cool YDxPSR design with both front and back print. The shirt will never be reprinted.

ALSO - we will be throwing test presses in TWO bundle orders at random. They are limited to 20 and you will be the only people outside the band and label to own one!

The vinyl will be £5 each, and the bundle will be just £18, plus P+P of course. Every order will come with an MP3 download code.

The 7" WILL be available of the bands UK and European tours throughout February and March, but in limited quantities, so we'd suggest ordering online to ensure you don't miss out.

Preorders will ship once we have everything in stock from the pressing plants etc. Please don't expect your record to arrive dead on 7th February, we're a DIY operation, so please give us some leniency. 

Any questions about this, email us at
Or visit our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

Posted on January 3rd, 2013