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Neck Deep "Rain In July" / "A History of Bad Decisions" 12" + 2nd press of "Rain In July" cassette tape

The new 3 track Neck Deep EP, 'A History of Bad Decisions' is released digitally tomorrow for free via
We are however, pressing a limited vinyl pressing of that, plus the 7 tracks from 'Rain in July' on ONE 12".


We are taking over the original pressing of 'Rain In July' from Hang Tight Records who never managed to get their pressing sorted.
If you ordered that already, you will get this instead (orange colourway) and NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY EXTRA!
If this applies to you, and you have any questions, please email us at

Pressing information:
Orange - 150 copies
Green w/ yellow swirl - 350 copies

There will be a limited bundle with 50 tshirts which will never get reprinted.

We have done a second pressing of the handnumbered 'Rain in July' cassette tapes.
There will be just 50 available online tomorrow in a brand new tape colour.
The band will also have 50 'tour edition' copies in a brand new artwork colourway and tape colour just for shows.

We expect to have the tapes in the next 7 days, and the records in about 5 weeks time.

Posted on February 18th, 2013